Gian Piero Gasparini | 2012 – Amerikaos – Bear Galerie – Uzes (France) | Palazzo Natta – Como (Italy)
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2012 – Amerikaos – Bear Galerie – Uzes (France)  |  Palazzo Natta – Como (Italy)

One of the most extraordinary America’s ability is to produce extremely positive images of itself, to believe them, and to manage to make others do. The film industry has had in this a decisive role. For the Americans, and now for many of the public all over the world, American history is not what one can read in books but what one sees in the movies. Americans are the cavalry coming at the right time to save the day against the “wild Indians”; they’re always “the good ones” in the fight against the Nazis, the Communists, the guerrillas, terrorists or aliens.

Hollywood does not shy away from addressing the many problems of American society, but has its own way of presenting them and solve them with the happy ending that is ideologically and commercially also a must for every story. Democracy, equality, justice are the values that are blatantly denied in reality, but constantly reaffirmed in its representation. The fiction takes the place of the news. The propaganda takes truth’s one.

In America, the advertising industry and the public relations industry are now two sophisticated systems for mind control and there is nothing, from God to an electronic product, to a war that is not cleverly packaged and presented in some illusionistic formula of words or in some shiny and colorful boxes to be launched on the market.

The work of Gian Piero Gasparini is always moving around current issues and the media world, through an analysis of the symbols and icons of our time, it interprets and communicates the significance he attaches to them using, as ever, a technique that makes his work unique and recognizable among many.

AmeriKAOS underlines its significance, or kaos generated by U.S. foreign policy and the consumer society related to it.